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Fix Me Computer Repair Service
If your computer regularly crashes, is slow and unreliable, our Fix Me service can give it a fresh lease on life. We will troubleshoot your computer to find out what is going wrong and then perform any necessary fixes required.
Upgrade Me to Windows 7 (Windows 7 Upgrade Service)
Upgrade your operating system with Windows 7 and get more from your PC.
Cure Me (Virus and Spyware Removal Service)
Book Local Geeks’s Cure Me service and we'll clean out any nasties on your computer. We’ll also update your existing anti-virus and anti-spyware software to keep your system secure.
Optimise Me (Computer Maintenance and Optimisation Service)
Our system optimisation service includes running a series of utilities to clean your machine, delete unwanted files, remove unnecessary programs, and if required, defrag your hard drive.
Install Me (Hardware or software set up service) Have you got a new video card or device of some sort or perhaps its software (eg Microsoft Office, windows xp etc) that you need help installing; our Geeks can get it up and running and make sure they are working as they should be. Back Me Up We'll get your hard drive connected and automated to backup the files and folders you want. Erase Me (Secure data removal service) Planning on selling or donating your computer? We'll destroy absolutely all data on your computer hard drive, and ensure its squeaky clean! Migrate Me (Data transfer service) When you buy a new computer you still want access to your old files.bring in your old computer and we will trasfer all of your data
Network Me (Wireless network set up service)
Our Network Me service lets you use your laptop in the garden, share a single internet connection, swap music, share a printer, centralise information, hook up other devices and much more- all in a cable free freedom.
Connect Me (Add a device to your network)
Our Geeks will visit your place and connect any network enabled device such as a computer, gaming console, printer or storage device so that you can share files, print and stream media from any computer connected to your home.
Troubleshoot My Network (Troubleshooting service) Whether your iTunes isn't working or your printer isn't printing the way it should we can help.
Secure Me (Wireless network encryption and security service)
Our Geeks will make sure that your home network is secured and safe.
All prices shown on are in $AU and inclusive of GST. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice. Images displayed are accurate to the best of our knowledge and we will not be held responsible for purchases based soley on these images. All brands and names are trademarks of their respective companies. Local Geek ships to almost anywhere in Australia and Internationally.